About Us

A Brief History

Founded in England among working men sometime before 1650, and brought to the North American continent by Thomas Wildey in 1819, Odd Fellowship is one of the world's oldest voluntary societies for mutual aid, community betterment and personal growth.

The motto of the Order is "Friendship, Love, and Truth," and its objective is "To improve and elevate the character of man." The four traditional duties of an Odd Fellow are to:

visit the sick,

relieve the distressed,

bury the dead, and

educate the orphan.

The work of Odd Fellowship also includes traditional rituals of initiation, which teach the ethical lessons of the Order; a proud legacy of community service; and a lot of fun! All of this heritage is a living part of our lodge.

For more information, check out our main website for the Orcas Island Lodge at: www.oiof.org

Community Service

We are The Odd Fellows - We also answer to "The Odds". Though many people know us from our "colorful" presence in the numerous parades on Orcas Island, we are at our best providing service to those in need in our community. From scholarships for community-oriented young people, to helping a family stay warm through winter, to providing manpower to help someone in distress, to providing dinner to hundreds of people in the Orcas community on Thanksgiving, to our world famous Halloween Dance - we aim to have a little fun, give back to the community and help smooth over the tough times that can beset us all.