This is the place were we give out thanks to all those fine people and businesses in the community that lend us their support. The Odd Fellows Hall has been around for over 100 hundred years. We try to take good care of the hall, and as you can imagine, there are always things to do.

Journal of Gratitude

January 2005

Thanks to Merit Telecom for developing this wonderful informative website. Check out there website at www.MeritTelecom.org

Thanks to Molly and Bill at Orcas Net for help getting the new www.OddsHall.org website hosted.

February 2005

Thanks to Mark E for help installing the new ballet bar.

Thanks to Bill Thompson for making it so the window in the kitchen opens, and for the cool new door with the handle made from Alaskan diamond willow.

Thanks to Tim Forbes for donating the diamond willow wood.

March 2005

Thanks to Leslie Ginnes of Patina wedding planning for her generous time organizing the very successful wine tasting at the Odd Fellows Hall during the wedding Fair. The place was beautiful - great food and fine wine. Wow! Check out her website at www.PatinaEvents.com

Thanks to Ed Stearns for doing such a great job refinishing the floors.

Thanks to the Roy and the sewage board for helping us to improve our septic system.

April 2005

Thanks to Frank Michaels for his excellent and multi-talented work getting new fixtures in the Ladies Room, and new lighting in the kitchen.

Thanks to Jeff Morris at Morris Plumbing and Heating for setting us up with a new grease trap. It helps us make sure we are sending clean water back to the Eastsound treatment plant.

July 2005

Thanks to Frank Michaels for help installing new Casablanca fans in the hall. This helps keep the hall comfortable year round.

October 2005

Thanks to George Post for his help installing the new theater-grade curtain. This helps improve the acoustics of the hall for musical events, and provides an attractive finish to the south wall.

Thanks to Marc Fendel, leader of the band Swampdweller for his generous support, providing CDs as prizes for all the great costumes at the Halloween dance. What a great band you have there Marc. Let's do it again!

Thanks to Sukima Hampton for her energy, enthusiasm and positive spirit, helping get the hall cleaned up after the annual Halloween dance.

Thanks to Silas Morse at Pacific Northwest Theatre Associates for his good counsel and support helping us create new curtains for the hall. They have really helped dress the hall up and improve the acoustics dramatically.

November 2005

Thanks to architect Kurt Hunt for his amazing work helping us think about how to improve storage and service functions of the hall. He has a remarkable ability to pull back and take a fresh look at what is possible. His counsel and design skills have been invaluable.

March 2006

Thanks to Bill Thompson for his cintinual dedication to improving the hall, it's function and flow. His constant behind the scenes work and almost daily activity has been invaluable.

April 2006

Thanks to Bruce Pavitt for providing the hall with sound system enhancements that help us provide a complete high-end solution for the hall. We now have the ability to play any kind of audio, interface, to CD players, iPods, and wireless mics, and play it through speakers that provide a stunning sound.

February 2007

Thanks to Frank for helping us upgrade the electric panels.

June 2007

Thanks to Frank for helping us upgrade the electric panels. Thanks to Bill Thompson for his continual support. Thanks to Joe Goodrich, Connie Congdon and many others for helping us sew the thousands of feet of sailcloth for the beautiful new ceiling. And thanks to Eric Morris for his invaluable assistance installing the new ceiling cover.

July 2007

Thanks to Frank for helping us upgrade the electric for the new dishwasher. After a long day of regular work he showed up at 8 pm and worked tirelessly til 1 am to make sure everything was ready for the next morning. What a guy!

December 2007

Frank continues his wonderful ability to fix anything, as needed, on a moments notice! This month he is improving the kitchen facilities. Yahoo!

May 2009

Thanks to Robin Kucklick, David Densmore, Joe Goodrich, John Ginnes and Lennie for their wonderful spirit and dedication to landscaping and improving the waterside patio. We added wonderful cliff-side benches, all new brick patio, a copper fire bowl, a colorful mix of landscape plantings, and attractive lighting for evening events.

June 2009

Thanks to the amazing crew of Odds that helped laydown the first half of the patio. It was a beautiful sunny day, and we had beer and pizza for lunch as we watched George plan the sacred circle. What a beautiful day it was!

October 2009

Huge kudos to Lennie for his endless help finishing the patio. The Italian terrazo pavers look beautiful, and the cliffside setting is magical.

October 2009

Big hugs and thanks to Charly for her help putting together our annual Halloween Dance and Funraiser. With her beautiful community spirit in fine form, Charly helped get the bands together - The Orcas Horns and Island Roots Collective - and played DJ for the night, along with Bruce Pavitt and Jyoti.

January 2010

Thanks to Mike Hurwicz for proofing the website. He is a master of detail.

May 2010

Thanks to Che Blaine, Lenny, and Mikhail for helping get the patio fence up. There is nothing better than working with friends on a beautiful day on Orcas.

June 2010

Thanks to Mark Padbury for his generous support as we built the new patio and "Crows Nest" overlooking the beautiful Eastsound. Mark provided his shop and tools and wisdom with out hesitation.

October 2011

Thanks to Robin Kucklik for his fantastic help with landscaping. Robin brought his trusty Kubota tractor and graded the drive, built a beautiful stone wall at the kitchen entrance, and planted an abundance of trees, bushess, and flowers in the patio area. Wow!

Summer 2012

Thanks to Robin Kucklik for helping create the landscaping in the front and thanks to Mackie Blackburn for helping paint all the outside wood doors, windows and trim. Love the new colors!

Summer 2013

Thanks to Tom Meadows for helping improve the insulation for the basement walls. Thanks to Robin again for more beautiful landscape work on the front of the building.